A He Approved Camera Strap...DSPTCH!

Written By Patrick Ward on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | 6:00 AM

Whenever He walks around the city, the stupid Nikon Camera strap always pisses He off. Sh*t is too short, you can't walk around the city with a camera over your arm comfortably. You need a real camera strap that actually acts as a strap and a camera sling. Finally, He has a way to keep the camera around He's shoulder without looking like a tourist. DSPTCH hooked He up with exactly what he was looking for. Camera Sling showed up much faster then He expected and the strap was even cooler then He thought it would be. If you need a camera strap, definitely check them out, or give them as a gift, DSPTCH is now the official Fashion by He Camera Strap Sponsor.
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