Has Anyone Tried these Color Bugs?

Written By Patrick Ward on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | 9:41 AM

 In the world of session styling I’m always looking for new ways to change the models hair.  Wild crazy colour became the new hot thing but you cant just colour a models hair just because you feel like it. I wanted full on colour but without the commitment!  I had had my share of moments where I wanted crazy colour hair on a Friday, but come Monday morning I didn’t want my crazy colour anymore.

I want to be able to put it on and just as easily take it off. I thought to myself why cant hair colour be just as easy as applying make-up? I had been experimenting with pigments since the 80’s obsessed with the powdered wigs of the French Revolution. The influence came from those times but I wanted it to be intense and almost fluro as it is the intense flash of colour that makes it modern. COLOR.BUG is wipe on, wipe.

Everyone with blonde hair lately seems to be dying the tips. Lauren Conrad did it, and ya know what He doesn't hate this look. It's actually kind of edge and cool. Well apparently you can buy this Color Bug stuff and do it yourself and get the same affects. Thought this was a good time to share this, since festivals and spring and summer are coming up and the Blondes will once again be returning to Earth.
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