Does this Represents a Women's Body

Written By Patrick Ward on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 | 9:23 AM

The architectural structure of this hat creates a new silhouette which represents a woman’s body. It is a very light, comfortable and easy to wear piece for special occasions. Available in: Red or Blue. Please state your preferences by using the Comment box during Checkout. Made to Order. Please allow a little extra time for delivery.

A Silhouette which represents a women's body? Hmm...maybe the designer has never seen a woman's body before because He sees absolutely 0 representation with this face mask. Just not sure a face mesh screen hat head piece is really going to catch on. Ever watch those poker tournaments? It might be something Lacey Jones, a.k.a. Poker Barbie, would wear. It would kinda be a sweet thing to wear at the table instead of dark glasses. This would make him more sophisticated while enjoying playing poker.
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