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Written By Patrick Ward on Friday, June 8, 2012 | 9:30 AM

Not sure why He felt the need to do this but here they are, He's most hated actors of all time. All 5 of you suck at life and should never be hired again, for anything.

1) Justin Bartha - The Hangover would have been better if you never existed. Your life climaxed when you dated an Olsen. I hate you to the fullest extent possible.
2) Justin Long - Biggest over actor of all time. Try a little harder ya little shit.
3) Jimmy Fallon - Only guy in Hollywood to laugh at his own jokes before he even tells them. Worst part is the jokes are never even that funny
4) Dane Cook - Just leave us alone, you suck you suck you're not funny you suck
5) Seth Green - Because no one can possibly like him.

Honorable  Mentions:
Jim Carrey, Pauly Shore, Russel Brand

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