Why is there a Flats versus Heels Discussion?

Written By Patrick Ward on Monday, May 21, 2012 | 12:35 PM

"So what are you wearing tonight? Are you wearing flats or heels? 
Ugh I know, I don't want to wear them either, fine I'll wear flats if you do." 
-said by any two girls planning their outfits

These conversations Kill He...He might be a guy but He still gets some insider information into you women every now and then. Sorry you have a leak. Why when girls are going out for an event or in a group does their conversation involve whether or not they are wearing heels or flats? Why does this have to be a group decisions? Can't we all decide right now that the answer should always be heels? Don't even care if its a day of walking around street fairs in new york city, do you know how horrible you all look in your gladiator sandals and maxi dress? Throw on a wedge for heavens sake, it won't kill ya.
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