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Written By Patrick Ward on Thursday, May 17, 2012 | 12:30 PM

SENSI: As a full-time kiteboarder (He: "aka bad ass chick") and water sports enthusiast, Sensi was constantly looking for a bathing suit that would perform at the same high level she did. After countless slip-ups and lost tops (ahh shocks), she decided to create a suit that would provide support and functionality while remaining fun and flirty with that hint of sexuality Sensi was always looking for. Seeking to bring greater functionality and fun to bathing suits, she started Sensi Bikinis; where she pursues her vision of swimwear that is feminine and strong, supportive yet fun and playful. All styles are cut to stay in place when active. Sensi Bikinis allows freedom of movement and non-slip action that lets you focus on your riding while still demonstrating a girl’s graceful, gleeful and seductive side.

 He decided to go back to He's roots. Last summer or a the summer before He introduced the world to a million different bikini companies. Pretty much all of them hit it big after being small little companies before He found them. Time to go on a search for a whole new set of up and coming companies. He absolutely Loves Cheeky Bottom, hence the Go Cheeky, at this point in the worlds evolution if you are still wearing a non cheeky bikini you are going to get more looks then a girl in a cheeky bottom would have years ago. What really caught He's eye about Sensi was the tops, thought they were extremely different and cool, something the ArmHe would be a big fan of.


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P.S. Sensi Bikini Video after the break...

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