2012 List of Things You Must have For Summer

Written By Patrick Ward on Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 12:37 PM

Well Memorial Day Weekend upon us, Fashion by He decided it was time to bring back the Top Ten List of Summer Must Haves...

2012 Summer Must Haves...
1) Upper Arm Bangle - how many times does He need to tell you how awesome these are
2) High Pair of Wedges - more of a daytime summer item, save the heels for sunset
3) Open Sided Shirt - rock out with your nip out...side boob is the new cleavage, ask anyone
4) Cheeky Bottom - Go Cheeky or Go Home...anything else would be uncivilized
5) Backlace - if you are wearing a backless dress, might as well add some flair
6) Fashion by He Neon Tank - a given
7) Sheer - So He can see whats underneath
8) Crop Top - no fatties
9) American Apparel Lace Bra - less is more?
10) Short Shorts - because they are never short enough
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