Guess That Celebrity Style?

Written By Patrick Ward on Friday, March 2, 2012 | 12:37 PM

Fine fine legs. Not even sure He can say that. Is she old enough? Anyway that dress looks  insanely hot. Kinda like how she went with a simple high heel, plain color, the dress was bright enough didn't need to go wild with the shoes. But take note tall ladies, tall girls can wear high heels too! Get the dress at Motel Rocks.

Answer: Kendall Jenner. Give a lot of credit for a chick whose family has so much money to still rock out a dress that any girl on the street can pick up and wear. She manages it make it look incredible, whereas most others would be pouring out the sides. But even still, extra points to her for being somewhat of are a real chick.Dress is Available at Motel Rocks.

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