Sports Illustrated Swimswuit Edition is a Crock...

Written By Patrick Ward on Thursday, February 16, 2012 | 12:34 PM

Let's totally forget for a second that every picture is Photoshopped more then any other pictures on Earth. He can even put aside a minute the fact that none of the models manage to have any nipples in any of the pictures. But how in the world can you feature a bikini like this. Its a Anna Kosturova bikini, and no offense, but can anyone else wear this bikini top? It looks like and the two straps in the middle kinda make it this way, but you need PERFECT TITS to pull this off. Anything less and it is going to look awkward as f*ck. Show He this bikini on another chick and prove He wrong.

P.S. It is still a good way to find new bikini brands, inspire more girls to GO CHEEKY, and to play whose the hottest model. So He wants to know...who is your favorite model this year? Here is a link to all pics.
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