No Bra Thursdays ... Amber

Written By Patrick Ward on Thursday, February 9, 2012 | 6:26 AM

Ever since Amber was the HottHe of the Week, it seems He is seeing her everywhere. Amber has California style like no other. Instead of just objectifying women every week, He decided to ask Amber for some tips so that the ladies of the ArmHe too join the #NoBraRevolution
Amber's Tips: Sometimes, I am willing to risk how comfortable a piece feels because I am too stubborn to give up how much I like it, but if you are wearing a piece that shows more skin than usual, I typically won’t sacrifice comfort. Some drop armhole tanks that I have are too open (these tend to never leave my closet), whereas the others fit perfectly. If you are going to wear it, we don’t want to see you fixing the garment every minute; we want to see you wear it with confidence. PS-tape can be a girl’s best friend sometimes.
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