Let's Put a Stop to High Waisted Bikinis Right Now...

Written By Patrick Ward on Monday, February 20, 2012 | 12:30 PM

 (Top Row Bikini Acacia, Bottom image, top row Acacia, Bottom rows Acacia)

If you think that these high waisted bikini bottoms look good on anyone you have a warped sense of fashion. Even the most beautiful people on earth...these models, cannot manage to turn these bathing suits into something anyone should or would want to wear. We are talking about girls with pheneomal asses, and still these look like sh*t. Taylor Swift tried to pull this look off and was probably the ugliest chick on the beach. The beach and pool, hell all summer, is about wearing less clothing not more. Whoever thought this was a good idea or trend, needs to be put back into design school.
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