Feather Pie? He Thinks NOT!!

Written By Patrick Ward on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | 11:15 AM

TMZ: Feathers aren't just for birds anymore ... they're also perfect for vaginas ... this according to former "Real Housewives of New York" star Cindy Barshop.

Cindy has created two new lines of luxury merkins ... which she's now selling at her NY waxing salon -- Completely Bare.

The first line is called the Foxy Bikini, in which the bikini line is waxed bare and replaced with a pubic wig made from real fox fur. They come in a variety of colors ... including traditional pink! 
For those who desire a more festive flower -- Cindy also offers the Carnivale Bikini ... in which the pubic region is decorated with feathers in a variety of colors! 
But a fancy hoo-ha don't come cheap -- starting price for the Carnivale is $195 and the Foxy is $30 extra

Fck This Shit! He doesn't want feathers in your hair and He sure as sh*t doesn't want features down there. Vajazzle was bad, Vattooing kinda kinky whatever the hell these people want to think up next is beyond ridiculous. ATTENTION LADIES: this is a full proof plan to keep your man, husband, boyfriend, lover, or whatever the fck else you think is gonna be down there, running for the hills.
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