Written By Patrick Ward on Sunday, May 8, 2011 | 8:37 AM

"shoes that are not okay in any way shape or form ever"
It's like the trifecta of the ugliest effing shoes I've ever seen: hot pink uggs (it's like 75 degrees outside, what's wrong with you?), weird almost fake uggs with fake buckles and fake leather and fake fur lining but real hideousness, and yes, sparkly fitflops. No she wasn't fit. I felt like this needed to be addressed. -Gianna

Some weeks He gets more emails then others with pics from the ArmHe. But He encourages everyone to send in your fashion suck pics to He. Back to the issue at hand: Gianna could not be more right, its been very hot in NYC, not that cold weather would allow Pink UGGS either but there is just now less of a reason to wear them. Girl 2, fake uggs, if you're gonna wear them, they should at least be real, are you just trying to get He to hate you more? Girl 3: fitflops, these are like those dumb sketchers that are suppose to make you skinny by just walking, calling bulsh*t on these. It's just ironic, that you only see fat people wearing these fit flops and shapeups...get a clue, they don't work, try putting down the fork.
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